Cosmo Industrial, founded in April 1994, started as a very small business with two committed “welding rod salesmen”. As a team they now own and manage a company employing more than 70 people. From these modest beginnings as an entrepreneurial business based in a house, they started selling welding products, safety equipment and gas. They secured their first agency with Lincoln Electric for welding equipment and consumables as well as Air Products for industrial gasses.

A decade and a half later, the partners are still running these same two key brands in an expanded company situated in Silverton, Pretoria. It services over 3000 order placing clients on an on-going basis. They also cater for and serve numerous “walk-in” customers who can choose from their wide product base.

A recently built facility brings together all of the historical companies – United Gas, Cosmo Gas and Welding and Silverton Welding Repairs. In November 2009 a new fastener arm was opened.

Cosmo stocks the full range of industrial gases, shielding gases, acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen and argon to name but a few. These gases are not only available in cylinders, but are also supplied to large volume users in Air Products’ ultra-convenient Minitanks and Maxitanks.

Their customer profile includes businesses from the petrol petrochemical, pipeline, mining, railway industries as well as heavy manufacturing and its associated body of contracting firms. With the opening of the fastener division a wider range of industr ies can be serviced such as Mining, Construction, Railworks, Petro Chemical, Pipelines, Engineering and Agricultural. In addition the retail side services the keen “DIY” enthusiast.

Cosmo Industrial has chosen Lincoln as its total solution welding equipment partner and is an authorised distributor of Lincoln products.

Cosmo Industrial has also diversified into several other product ranges and services, including environmental systems such as industrial sweepers and welding fume extraction equipment. The Lincoln Electric Pro-Source environmental product range is used to prevent the inhalation of welding fumes. Jonsson Workwear’s new clothing range is also stocked at Cosmo Industrial.

Cosmo believes in setting the standards in the industries that they service.

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