Welding Consumables

Stick Electrodes

Stick Electrodes are for mild and low alloy steel welding applications. It’s designed to provide maximum weld ability for a wide range of applications.


Used as a common welding application, it can be applied on Mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminium. For your particular TIG welding specification we have the right wires for you.

MIG Wires

Used in a Semi-Automatic or automatic arc welding process, in which continuous and consumable wires (Mild and stainless steel and aluminium) are fed through a welding gun.

Flux Cored

A process used for indoor and outdoor productivity. The mobile gasless machinery available in our store ensures that work space is not limited and productivity still continues. These wires can also be used for arc performance.


Our range of joining or repairing methods is vast and varies to fit your specification. They range from Submerged Arc Welding wires and hard facing consumables to……?

Pickling paste

Our range of unique removal and degreasing chemical compounds are just what you need to remove rust from stainless steel and nickels. Either Pelox or Stainox N is available.

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